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Mentor-Scholar program brings OMS students and families together for SUNY Oswego Campus Visit

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Friday, Nov. 30, the Mentor-Scholar Program welcomed over 45 Oswego Middle School students and their families for an afternoon visit to SUNY Oswego.  The students and mentors combined, numbered well over the 70s and were active participants in presentations by the Oswego Technology Educators Association and librarians from Penfield Library. These presentations highlighted some of the diverse offerings of the university but also taught the students lessons on teamwork and patience.

The Mentor-Scholar Program is a collaboration between the Oswego Middle School and SUNY Oswego where over 70 university students act as mentors to middle school students in a one-to-one mentoring program that meets twice a week at the local school. These students work together on homework, projects, and field trips such as this, that allow the students and mentors to work both in and out of the classroom.

As assistant coordinator Scott Ball stated, “Events like this are a great opportunity to show to the middle schoolers that college is an attainable goal and well within their reach.”

After the presentations concluded, the students and mentors moved to Pathfinder dining hall where parents joined the group and enjoyed the rest of the evening celebrating the mutual hard work done this semester by the middle school students and mentors. It was a great event culminating the end of the semester as the university breaks between fall and spring semesters with the final date of mentoring for the fall being Dec. 4.

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